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ALT + Underlined Letter Keyboard Control

Question asked by JohnrC on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2016 by Extensitech

I'm taking FM Pro 14 for a test drive in Windows 10.


In a pre-sales information call to FileMaker I asked if one could access controls (e.g. buttons, fields, menus etc). with the conventional Windows method of ALT plus the underlined letter in the button or field label. This would cause the button to be 'clicked', or if it was a field label, then it would cause the cursor to appear in the field. I was assured that I could... but I'm not seeing it.


In Windows, the way you create an underlined letter in a label is to place an ampersand '&' before the letter you wanted underlined. That doesn't seem to work in FM.


Am I missing something? This is indescribably important to me :-)  I am soooooo much faster/more efficient in Windows than I am in OS X because of this alone and could not survive without it. Been this way since the 1980's.


TIA for any guidance.