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      I am a new user of FileMaker Pro 13.  Could you tell me if I could have a button turn a particular color when certain conditions are met using the scripting functionality?  I just don't know if this could be done or how to do it, but I would like to add such functionality to my current project.

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          You don't actually need a script. You can just specify the conditions using Conditional Formatting. For instance, Table::Field = "Yes", then you can format the button with different fill or text colors (or other options). In a script, you can do it with something like:


          Set Variable $$ButtonColor = "Brown"


          If you've added conditional formatting to the button such as:

          $$ButtonColor = "Brown"

          Then when the script is done running, the button will turn the brown you choose. You can add multiple conditional criteria, too.



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            Thank you!