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Can't load iodbc library for php on El Capitan for DSN access.

Question asked by scubed on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by scubed

We are trying to move a PHP program from an older mac to a mac mini with El Capitan. The phpinfo on the old machine shows that iodbc is there, but the El Cap phpinfo does not show it. I've attempted to load the iodbc library with no success. I'd rather not recompile PHP (seems that I'd have to download the source).


The purpose of all this is to access the FileMaker DSN that points to a FMS on another machine. I have downloaded the iodbc tests on El Cap and I can connect to the server and retrieve data through sql statements using this app. Therefore, I'd think that it would be no problem to get my PHP code using odbc_connect to connect using the FileMaker DSN if only I could get the library to appear.


Thanks for any help.