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Simple Calculation - I guess...

Question asked by Nighthawk on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by disabled_morkus

Hello FileMaker Land

I am sure to all of you that work with FM on a daily base - this is too simple... anyhow here is my question. I'll be glad if someone could share some thoughts on this.

I have a 3 number fields

1 km_start

2 km_end

3 km_driven

on the km_end number field is a calculation watching over the entry into the km_driven field. something is entered it will update as normal. All fine here - however I would love for the km_driven field to be updated when a number is entered in km_end. Hence being able to enter either field (km_end or km_driven) and having the correct data available in both fields.


Any help or thoughts on the subject is greatly appreciated.

Happy FileMaking