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Generating a PDF report with multiple sections

Question asked by tkemmere on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by tkemmere

Dear all,


Ultimately I would like my FileMaker Pro database to generate a report with several sections:

  • A cover page;
  • A table of contents;
  • An introduction;
  • A "lables"-section with a number of pictures with their description, (for example 3 pictures wide, and 3 pictures high, a couple of pages);
  • A section with a subsummary report, requires also multiple pages;
  • A conclusion.

If FileMaker would be able to export such a document to MS Word, I could have it generate a couple of sections and paste them together in Word. (still not perfect, but ok). But FM doesn't export to Word. So my second best odds are PDF. But since PDF is uneditable, the doc will have to be all ready upon export. I will work with a window called "Settings", in which the user will fill free texts like 'Introduction' and "Conclusion'.


The table of contents we can do without, but the other five sections are more or less essential. Is it somehow possible to add multiple bodies / parts / sections which each have a different behaviour, to a Layout? Or to merge several layouts into a single export PDF doc?


I'm afraid I'm asking too much. Am I? How would you approach this?


Thanks in advance for your help,

Kind regards, Thomas.