FM Licensing/User Requirements

Discussion created by JohnrC on Mar 20, 2016
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I'm very sorry for being thick, but try as I might I can't get my head around FM licensing and user limitations and how they relate to Pro, Advanced and Server versions. I've looked at a few documents on this website to no avail. I envision several scenarios. If anyone can clarify, I'd be hugely grateful:


(1) I have no employees, and FM is installed on my office desktop PC. But I need to access/manipulate data from my home PC, and/or various mobile devices and laptop PC's. Since it's just me, i'm only using 1 computer at a time --- unless I pull out my iPhone to use FM GO.


(2) Same as scenario (1) above, but I'd like my wife and my mom to have the ability to use FM GO on their iPads.


(3) Same as (1) but I now have 1 or 2 employees.


(4) Is FM GO completely self-contained in that I could give or sell or otherwise distribute something like a compiled app to be run on a person's iOS device? If I give or sell a lot of these apps, do I need licenses for each user?


(5) Can I give or sell standalone FM solutions to people? IOW, can I compile to an executable? I presume no further licensing is required here.

(6) If I've published a solution to a website using Web Direct (e.g. an application form for website visitors to fill out.... or for visitors to access data and information), what is required by way of licensing?


Thank you.