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My script broke in my database; I've looked at almost everything!

Question asked by ZakMcKraken on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by ZakMcKraken

I am attaching one where it worked and one where it didn't (unfortunately, I have to take out the members due to security issues) but I am hoping someone can see something I am seriously missing here!


Assess Yearly Dues Script is supposed to call for a few types of members, then with those members it will add a yearly few to a portal linked to that member.  Inside that script I have the Find Script for those members...


The OLD DB worked perfectly... it would find them and assess them correctly.  Recently, it was rerun and it was now assessing randomly.  Sometimes it would not hit certain types of members correctly and others it was hitting incorrectly.


I looked at all possibilities that I knew of...  Calculations, Relationships, etc.  Nothing stands out to me.  I know the FIND SCRIPT works perfectly, it breaks at the loop part.


I built this for my brother last year and my FMP skills were about 10 years rusty.  Heh, still are... I know there might be a lot of issues in there and I am continually learning how to fix them when he requests me to do things (adding new member types, calculating summaries, etc.).  This one just has me stumped.


I'd appreciate any help!  Thanks!