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Testing for empty date field

Question asked by BillPlunkett on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by alecgregory

I have a "calculation" field that is set to YES if both of 2 dates fields do not contain dates and NO if either field contains a date.  Both date fields are in the same table as the calculation field.  (my background is more in SQL and C-like languages).  Since there does not seem to be a nil or null test and testing for "" doesn't work.  How do I test for an empty date field?


The calculation I currently have for the field "OnRanch" is:   If ( DeathDate = ""  & SaleDate = "" ; "Yes" ; "No" )


The table contains records for livestock that has ever been on the ranch.  If they haven't died or been sold, then they must currently be "On the Ranch".  Of course, I haven't handled rustling but...