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Auto create and update records in related table

Question asked by Wicktor on Mar 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Wicktor

Hello everyone,

this question looks like other similar but not close to my need.

I have TableA with 3 fields, 2 of them are text repeating fields, example:

Field1 (NAME) key field related to TableB

Field2 (LOCATIONS), with 3 repetitions

Field3 (GUESTS) with 3 repetitions


I have TableB with 3 fields:

Field1 (NAME) key field related to TableA

Field2 (LOCATION) single repetition

Field3 (GUEST) single repetition


I need to automatically populate TableB so that every time a value is entered into the 2 repeating fields of TableA, a record in TableB is created or updated. In this case 1 records in TableA should generate 9 records in TableB (1 record for each of the 3 values in the 2 repeating fields of TableA)

This could easily done with a loop, but the problem is if I change values in a repeating field of TableA it should also update records in TableB.


Do you think the only way is to redo the loop every time a value is changed in TableA (tricky with thousand of records) or is there an easier/faster way to make TableB magically updated?


Thanks for any suggestions,