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    Auto create and update records in related table


      Hello everyone,

      this question looks like other similar but not close to my need.

      I have TableA with 3 fields, 2 of them are text repeating fields, example:

      Field1 (NAME) key field related to TableB

      Field2 (LOCATIONS), with 3 repetitions

      Field3 (GUESTS) with 3 repetitions


      I have TableB with 3 fields:

      Field1 (NAME) key field related to TableA

      Field2 (LOCATION) single repetition

      Field3 (GUEST) single repetition


      I need to automatically populate TableB so that every time a value is entered into the 2 repeating fields of TableA, a record in TableB is created or updated. In this case 1 records in TableA should generate 9 records in TableB (1 record for each of the 3 values in the 2 repeating fields of TableA)

      This could easily done with a loop, but the problem is if I change values in a repeating field of TableA it should also update records in TableB.


      Do you think the only way is to redo the loop every time a value is changed in TableA (tricky with thousand of records) or is there an easier/faster way to make TableB magically updated?


      Thanks for any suggestions,


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