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Help needed with DB design structure

Question asked by MickSee on Mar 19, 2016
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I'm new to the forum, have a basic knowledge of databases, but need some help with the best way to structure a results database for the college I work in.


Up to now our results have been recorded on paper. For our external examiners we have to record the grades twice, on two different types of report. I want to create a database to allow staff to fill in the grades once but with the ability to output both reports.


Report 1 is the Mastersheet. Each student has a "Mastersheet" which contains all of their grades for all assignments in all Classes.


Report 2 is the Class Results sheet, which records the grades of all students within a particular Class.


The database is as follows:

The college has many students.

Each student is enrolled in 16 Classes.

Each Class has many assignments.

Each Assignment has 5 possible results: D, M, P, U and R.


When all of the results have been input I need to be able to output the 2 different types of reports mentioned.


The front-end part of the database is not a problem for me. I'm not sure, however, how many tables I need and how to relate them.


Apart from the Class Titles, Assignment Titles and Grades etc., the only other fields I need to include are "Student Name" and "Student ID". Is it possible to create this without having to make a separate database / table for each student?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Mick See