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Remote containers and xml

Question asked by sprosser on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by beverly

I'm working with a client's web development company to create a set of CWP pages for searching their database. I'm passing familiar with HTML, and can use/edit somebody else's PHP when necessary. But this company is using XML, and I'm as likely to win a gold medal in ice dancing as I am to read that code. Everything's working just fine except access to remote container data. But the XML coder has never worked with FileMaker before and can't get any variation of the default base directory to work.

One final piece of background info— I'm calculating a path using a combination of ExecuteSQL (the Logo file is one of several placed for each record) and UTF-8 encoding (my client is getting file names that include spaces). At first the coder was tweaking the path in his code using a calculated file name I provided, but then he asked for a full relative path in the calc.

FWIW, WebDirect can find/show the images from their default base directory ( Files/My Database/Documents/...) with no problem. As a test, I manually moved a few images to:


   /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs


where they appear for me when I type the following into my browser:




Is this the canonical path? Am I stuck manually moving the files when the users place them? I don't want to change the path for the remote containers since the ones that should be available on the web are a small subset of all graphics the client is placing in FileMaker. I've considered creating a separate table and process for storing these files. But that seems confusing for users, at least, so I'm not loving this idea.


Is there a standard path that should work for the XML guy? What do you CWP experts recommend?