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Creating a Calculation Field

Question asked by Linda on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by alquimby

I need to compute a payment based on values in 4 different fields and would like to put the result in a calculation field in the same record.  I was thinking that I could create the payment field as a calculation field.  The calculation is:


If field1 = "yes" then add $25 to payment field

If field2 = "yes" then add $25 to payment field

if field3 = "yes" then add $25 to payment field

if field4 = "yes" then add $50 to payment field

The calculation is cumulative.  All 4 fields could be equal to "yes".  If they are, then the payment field would equal $125.  All Ifs need to be evaluated and only add to the payment field if the If is true.  Is this possible to do in a calculation field?  If so, how is it written?  I have tried the above with multiple Ifs and I get an error message saying that an operator is missing.

thanks everyone.