Filemaker Crash / XPC Errors

Discussion created by on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by KevinSmith

We have been experiencing hard crashes about once a week.

Last Tuesday, I I went through all of our databases and saved them as a compacted copy. We went about a week and a half without a crash (which is longer than previously) but we crashed again today. I am receiving the following errors in my system.log:


"Endpoint has been activated through legacy launch(3) APIs. Please switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_in

Authentication: SUCCEEDED:: username: admin: Viewier Address:**********:: Type: DH

tcp_connection_tls_session_error_callback_imp 2 _ tcp_connection_tls_session_callback_write_block_invoke.434 error 22

Caching encoded userinfo to use until we are marked dirty again

using cached encoded userinfo to build activityinfo

starting database server process"


Can anyone help me interpret this? I researched a few possibilities but we do not have Genius or install mac installed.

We constantly get the following error every few seconds but when I researched it originally, it said that it would not impact anything. However, I'm not so sure anymore.

"LaunchServices:Database mapping failed with result -10822, retrying

LaunchServices: recieved XPC_ERROR_CONNECTION_INTERRUPTED trying to map database"

We have ruled out hardware and filemaker versions because we were crashing on our old server. So we went from Yosemite to El Capitan, went from filemaker server 13 to filemaker server 14, and we have a brand new server completely.

Configuration currently

Memory 32 GB

Storage we have 390 free out of 1TB

El Capitan 10.11.3

Java 8 Update 60

FM Server 14,

Plugins: Supercontainer

Single machine server

We have the server set to enable XML, webpuclishing, webdirect

Our database size itself is almost 24 GB in all