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Cannot cancel Script Trigger

Question asked by iking42 on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by iking42

I am using Wwindows 10: Filemaker Pro Advanced 14.


I cannot get script-triggers assigned to a layout to cancel. Once set, the functionality will not go away and any scripts that references the layout and contains a 'New Record/Request" gets lost in an endless loop

When a New Record/Request command is encountered, it executes and the script returns to step one.

In the Script Debugger mode, I can disable script triggers using the button on the top right and the script functions as intended. When I drop out of script debugger, the loop returns.

Tables that have never had a script trigger assigned do not have the problem but  If I assign a script trigger to the layout the looping problem begins. Removing the script trigger has no effect. The script is locked in an endless loop and must be forced to stop.

I would appreciate any help available; This is driving me to drink.