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    Cannot cancel Script Trigger


      I am using Wwindows 10: Filemaker Pro Advanced 14.


      I cannot get script-triggers assigned to a layout to cancel. Once set, the functionality will not go away and any scripts that references the layout and contains a 'New Record/Request" gets lost in an endless loop

      When a New Record/Request command is encountered, it executes and the script returns to step one.

      In the Script Debugger mode, I can disable script triggers using the button on the top right and the script functions as intended. When I drop out of script debugger, the loop returns.

      Tables that have never had a script trigger assigned do not have the problem but  If I assign a script trigger to the layout the looping problem begins. Removing the script trigger has no effect. The script is locked in an endless loop and must be forced to stop.

      I would appreciate any help available; This is driving me to drink.

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          iking42, can you repost in


          ? This space/place is for a webinar 3 years ago.


          The answer I might suggest is to go to another layout, enter layout mode and manually go to the offending layout, fix the trigger, then go to browse mode.



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            Thanks Beverly. I have tried that several times. Problem is, the Layout shows the script trigger as canceled. Removed the checkmark and the reference goes away. However, the link must still exist since the loop will continue. I can make a new layout, reestablish the fields and portals and the scripts function. If I set any Script Trigger on the layout, the next time the script is called, it goes to the New Record/Request line then jumps  back to the first line in the script and repeats the process over and over until I force a stop. If I select 'disable script triggers' in the debug mode, the script runs as expected.

            I was of the understanding that scripts could not loop no matter what. Any additional Ideas?

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              can you disable the script? I don't understand. is there only the one layout?



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                The software says the script is disabled when viewed in the script debug mode but the execution tells a different story. I have numerous layouts, have dozens of attempts to resolve to no avail. If I run the script on a fresh layout, the execution is flawless. If I set a script trigger on the layout the looping occurs. If I then remove the script trigger, the looping continues no matter what. When I check the script trigger settings, the check is gone and the reference is no longer present but the script still loops. If I make a new layout and execute the script all is well again.

                A more basic question is how can a script trigger cause a script to loop. Is this not illegal at the core?

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                  post screen shots of the dialogs and the script.



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                    Better yet. Open the attached file and click on the "Test" button.

                    To cancel, use the escape key or open the script debugger before execution.

                    Script drops through statements as expected until the "New Record/Request"

                    At this point, the script restarts at statement 1. The point of the script is mute at

                    this point. This is not allowed and disastrous in its impact. This is not a trick

                    script and the results are repeatable. I wrote this package specifically to demonstrate

                    the multiple problems I am having with FMP 14. We have reverted all our serious

                    work back to FMP 13. Any idea why this is occurring and is there a patch to fix

                    the problem?

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                      Found a script trigger on a field that I unknowingly set. Thanks for the assistance.