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    MBS FileMaker Plugin 6.2 development




      in this thread I want to post to you what's new in 6.2 prerelease plugins.


      Download is available as usual here:



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          * Improved DynaPDF.ShowDifference to better recognize smaller changes.

          * Added RemoteControl.PressDialogButton command.

          * Changed SendMail.AddAttachmentContainer and SendMail.AddAttachmentFile to have file name optional. We can use file name from container or file path. Mime type is detected from file extension if needed.

          * Added new mode for List.Crossproduct to combine each item from left list with right list.

          * Added more PrintDialog functions for copies and first/last/all pages.

          * Added date sorting mode for List.Sort and QuickList.Sort.

          * Improved session handling for future Server versions.

          * Updated LibSSH2 to version 1.7.0

          * Updated DynaPDF to version

          * Added GMImage.GetiptcProfileValues.

          * Added WordFile.GetXML and WordFile.SetXML functions.

          * Added Schedule.GetLastTimeStamp.

          * Added RSA.Sign and RSA.Verify.

          * Added RSA.GeneratePrivateKey and RSA.GetPublicKey.

          * Changed Schedules to not fire in layout mode.

          * Added Files.FolderSize function.

          * Added Events functions to query Reminders and Events on Mac OS X in 64-bit application.

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            * Updated SQLite to 3.12.0.

            * For evaluate, if we have an ID available, we replace $$ID$$ in expression with our ID, so you can use it.

            * Added more evaluate calls: Addressbook.Notification.Evaluate, Calendar.Notification.Evaluate, CoreLocation.SetFailEvaluate, CoreLocation.SetUpdateLocationEvaluate, Dialog.GetSheetEvaluate, Dialog.SetSheetEvaluate, Events.SetNotificationEvaluate, FSEvents.GetEvaluate, FSEvents.SetEvaluate, SerialPort.SetDataAvailableEvaluate, Socket.SetDataAvailableEvaluate, Socket.SetErrorEvaluate and Socket.SetNewConnectionEvaluate.

            * Rewrote dialog function. Now icon, timeout and custom button names work.

            * Rewrote Window.SetTitleIcon. No longer needs a separate mask image. Now takes an image with alpha channel and creates nicer icons.

            * Added QuickList.SortWith function.

            * Added Folders.UserDownloads function.

            * Updated Windows to also use latest SSH/SSL.

            * Added CURL.LibSSHVersion function.

            * Updated CURL to version 7.47.1.

            * Fixed a bug where debug messages would log too much data.

            * Fixed bug in FM.InsertRecord with handling container.

            * Updated DynaPDF to version

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              * Fixed an issue with releasing objects on shutdown.

              * Added the possibility to add more parameters for FM.InsertRecordTSV.

              * Added FM.InsertSetUpdateProgressDialog to allow FM.InsertRecordQuery, FM.InsertRecordQueryIgnoreDuplicates and FM.InsertRecordTSV to show progress.

              * Dialog functions now set Parent window on Windows to make sure the dialog doesn't go behind your FileMaker window.

              * Added filename parameter for FM.QueryBaseTableNames, FM.QueryFieldsForBaseTableName, FM.QueryFieldsForTableName and FM.QueryTableNames.

              * Updated DynaPDF to version

              * Added AVExport.ExportSessionMerge function.

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                • Fixed issue where plugin didn't load on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
                • Fixed bug with creating dataMatrix barcodes.
                • Updated DynaPDF to version
                • Fixed bugs in RemoteControl.ClickMouse for Windows.
                • Updated SQLite to 3.12.1.
                • Added scale parameter for DynaPDF.ShowDifferences.
                • Improved DynaPDF.ShowDifference to better handle transparent areas.
                • The Menu code for Windows now better handles transparency.
                • The ProgressDialog image for Windows is now using transparency correctly.
                • Fixed bug in XML.Query to not return too many text when returning text lists.
                • Added delimiter parameter to QuickList.GetList.
                • Added WordFile.Parts function and Part options to WordFile functions. Now can replace placeholders in footer/header, too.
                • Added Dialog options to not have a designated cancel/default button.
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                  • Updated DynaPDF to version
                  • Updated SQLite to 3.12.2.
                  • Fixed bug in FM.InsertRecordTSV for handling extra fields and more columns in some lines.
                  • Improved XML.Import to better handle extra tables for attributes.
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                    • Added Window.Scrollbar.getHorizontalMaximum, Window.Scrollbar.getHorizontalPosition, Window.Scrollbar.getVerticalMaximum, Window.Scrollbar.getVerticalPosition and Window.Scrollbar.set.
                    • Added Files.GetComment and Files.SetComment.
                    • Fixed bug for SQL.SQLite3.SetKey.
                    • Added RSA.PrivateDecrypt, RSA.PrivateEncrypt, RSA.PublicDecrypt and RSA.PublicEncrypt.
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                      • Fixed an issue with ODBC and SQL functions read CLOB fields.
                      • Fixed an issue in WordFile functions to handle more special cases.
                      • Fixed XML.Import.Cancel to clear the insert command list, too.
                      • Updated SQLAPI++ 4.1.9.
                      • Added AVRecorder.CaptureStillPhoto function.
                      • Added Dictionary.SetList function.
                      • Added PrintDialog.ClearOption, PrintDialog.ClearOptions, PrintDialog.GetLastSettings, PrintDialog.GetOption, PrintDialog.SetOption to set low level print options.
                      • Added DynaPDF.ExtractPageRectText function.
                      • Fixed a text encoding problem on Mac with Log method. Now umlauts show properly.
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                        • Added RightShift, RightOption and RightControl for hotkey registration as modifiers.
                        • Added Webview.PressKey function to press @ key on Windows. Works also on Mac/Win to press other keys.
                        • Updated DynaPDF to version
                        • Changed Files.ListRecursive on Mac to include trailing slash in folder paths.
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                          Could this please be posted to Announcements

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                            • Added XML.Canonical and XML.Format.
                            • Fixed bug in DynaPDF.SetReplaceICCProfile.
                            • Added Webview.AllowsAnyHTTPSCertificateForHost to allow ignoring bad SSL certificates.
                            • Updated SQLite to 3.13.0.
                            • Updated libJPEG to version 9b.
                            • Added SQL.GetFieldAsContainer and SQL.GetParamAsContainer.
                            • Added Files.GetFinderLabel and Files.SetFinderLabel.
                            • Added mode to Window.RemoveMenu to clear menu.
                            • Added Menubar.RemoveMenuCommand function.
                            • Added CURL.GetDebugWithData, CURL.GetDebugWithTime, CURL.SetDebugWithData and CURL.SetDebugWithTime.
                            • Changed SerialPort.List to return on Mac the full device name which may include an ID to make it unique if you have several devices with same name. The SerialPort.Open function accepts full name and shorter name.
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