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Cannot start server console in FMS windows

Question asked by hugall1998 on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Storganise

Hi all, this is perhaps a familiar topic...


I have a dedicated windows server 2012 for a windows FMS version 14.04.412 and java version 8 update 60, which should according to filemaker specs be the correct one. The windows server was restarted accidentally and upon restart the FMS server console was not working normally (yellow banners appeared when clicking on the Activity tab). I made one clean reinstall (cleaned all files, c++, java, microsoft etc and fm according to guidelines from filem.) but to no avail as after the reinstall I cannot  start the web console at all, either with chrome or IE browser.  The message I get from the browser is "The Database Server is not available. To edit server deployment, please start the Database Server first."


I had to take an unwelcome crash course in the command line prompt and found out I could open and close file etc and such so I'm fortunately not in dire straits.  However I could not start the console (the command fmsadmin setup fmwebsite did no do the trick).  I would rather use the console if possible.


I have dug through all the threads to no useful avail.


My question is two fold:

a) how can I whip this server to obey and show me the console, what am I missing ?    


b) can I do all the necessary things through the console, i.e. create backup schedules, set username/pw (which I cannot setup through the console) etc.?


Many thanks for you help.