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Best place to host FMS?

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Mar 21, 2016
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Is anyone using AWS for FMS hosting?


IF so, how much, on average, does it cost monthly?


I would want the full capabilities of FMS, should I get it. I would thus not use the $30/month options available. Plus, I want to total control over my server, my data, my backups, etc.


There are other hosting companies who would host a Windows box, but they're typically about $150/month minimum.


Amazon seems like the best choice, but I'm not yet sold (or, ah, sure).


Perhaps a Comcast Business account where you host your own server, put up a Mac Server and set up port forwarding in the router? That might not be much cheaper than the $150 hosting company option. Plus, it's ... Comcast.


Wondering ....




- m