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    DDR won't publish


      I'm trying to clear out unused scripts and layouts .... best tools ?


      when I run a DDR report I get this dialoga screen shot 2016-03-21 at 8.10.03 AM.png and resulting file is useless.

      I found in the distant past DDRs were not too helpful but a least functional.

      Re-install ?

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          HTML or XML?


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          Beverly Voth


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            neither seem to function , when choosing XML ...Xcode opens when clicking on resulting file.



            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>

            <FMPReport creationTime="8:32:17 AM" creationDate="3/21/2016" type="Summary" version="14.0.4">

              <File link=".//TWS_fmp12.xml" name="TWS.fmp12" path="">

              <BaseTables count="45"/>

              <Tables count="229"/>

              <Relationships count="171"/>

              <Accounts count="2"/>

              <Privileges count="3"/>

              <ExtendedPrivileges count="7"/>

              <FileAccess count="0"/>

              <Layouts count="136"/>

              <Scripts count="823"/>

              <ValueLists count="92"/>

              <CustomFunctions count="24"/>

              <FileReferences count="1"/>

              <CustomMenuSets count="2"/>

              <CustomMenus count="25"/>



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              Thank you for your posts.


              You probably have a corrupt object.  Import the resulting file (FMTEMPFM929_4.tmp) into a database file, and look at record 186661.  Look at the 28th character in that record.  Check a few records above to see what object is being referenced.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                This is the Summary. did it create another file at all (typically the database name + .xml)? or did it fail to create any of the file(s) beyond the Summary? You can open XML in most browsers and get a default stylesheet applied that may present where there might be an error. Your Summary.xml did not show errors when I tested it in browser.


                I agree with TSGal. the error dialogs can be cryptic, but it may give you enough clues. And an error isn't always "on the line".

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                  I read the temp file with texWrangler which numbers the lines and couldn't make any sense of it.

                  other files allow DDR to run as expected.

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                    When you go to line 186661, what appears in the 27th, 28th and 29th column?


                    What lines precede line 186661?  What object is being referenced?



                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      118658 </DDRInfo>

                      118659 </FieldObj>

                      118660 </Object>

                      118661 <Object type="Field" key="38" LabelKey="0" flags="2" rotation="0">

                      118662 <Bounds top="213.0000000" left="31.0000000" bottom="227.0000000" right="96.0000000"/>

                      118663 <FieldObj numOfReps="1" flags="4" inputMode="0" keyboardType="0" displayType="0" tableViewVisibility="1" quickFind="1" pictFormat="5">

                      118664 <Name>system to job to payee::lname</Name>

                      118665 <ExtendedAttributes fontHeight="11" graphicFormat="5">

                      118666 <NumFormat flags="2304" charStyle="0" negativeStyle="0" currencySymbol="$" thousandsSep="44" decimalPoint="46" negativeColor="#DD000000" decimalDigits="2" trueString="Yes" falseString="No"/>

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                          Same error is reported here DDR Error Message - SAXParseException

                          The error message seems saying about there is invalid "&" without valid entity name, but 118661 don't have?


                          Ouch, you need to look at 186661, not 118661

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                            Once you have managed to create your DDR, I strongly suggest you buy a software package called BaseElements - BaseElements | Goya Pty Ltd


                            You import the XML DDR Summary report into BaseElements and it will create a Database showing you EVERY error in your database. This includes everything from Unreferenced fields, TO's, Layouts, Scripts etc, to buttons on layouts that don't have a Script assigned to it. You can then start working through the error list to create a database with rock solid foundations.


                            My extensive database built over 20 years (from FM V2!) and by a number of programmers over the years had about 5,000 errors to start with. Most were inconsequential, but as you get rid of unreferenced items (such as fields no longer required), that creates more unreferenced items and eventually you whittle the errors down to an extremely clean database.


                            From a rock solid foundation, I will then make major improvements to our database and in the process keep running BaseElements over it to ensure it is free of errors.

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                              186658 <TabPanelObj tabLeftEdge="0" tabWidth="169" tabPanelFlagSet="0"><Object type="Graphic" key="35" LabelKey="0" flags="0" rotation="0">

                              186659 <Bounds top="31.0000000" left="28.0000000" bottom="882.0000000" right="1040.0000000"/>

                              186660 <GraphicObj pictFormat="27" mixColor="#0">

                              186661 <Image name="finding text & symbols.tiff"/>

                              186662 <Styles>

                              186663 <LocalCSS>

                              186664 self:normal .self&#10;{&#10;&#09;border-top-color: rgba(100%,100%,100%,1);&#10;&#09;border-right-color: rgba(100%,100%,100%,1);&#10;&#09;border-bottom-color: rgba(100%,100%,100%,1);&#10;&#09;border-left-color: rgba(100%,100%,100%,1);&#10;&#09;box-shadow: none;&#10;}&#10;</LocalCSS>

                              186665 </Styles>

                              186666 </GraphicObj>

                              186667 </Object>

                              186668 <Object type="Graphic" key="36" LabelKey="0" flags="0" rotation="0">

                              186669 <Bounds top="803.0000000" left="32.0000000" bottom="883.0000000" right="406.0000000"/>

                              186670 <GraphicObj pictFormat="27" mixColor="#0">

                              186671 <Image name="find empty\ non-empty.tiff"/>

                              186672 <Styles>

                              how to find it ?

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                                The line 186661 is invalid since & should be written as &amp; in XML.


                                You may be able to fix it changing the file name of corresponding image object.

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                                  what are the lines before 186658 (we see a TabPanelObj with a Graphic object in it), what layout is this on?



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                                    correct! I think tomswell' last post was asking how to find the object to change it!


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