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    Editbox with auto fill from a related table




      I have a Layout(AddLabour - Table: FM_WCT).

      When user enters Add button, they are taken to this layout. There are two tables Response and Employee related to this table.

      Once in this layout, I need to provide auto complete option for employee names and Response Names from the two related tables in my edit box


      This probably is very simple, but I couldn't get to get it working.

      Hope I made my requirement clear.


      Thanks and Regards


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          Make a value list using all values of names field of employee

          Use the value list for the layout as drop-down with auto complete option


          Add: I missed your title says "editbox". It can have only "auto complete using existing values" mean "values from same field".

          If you add "Include arrow to show and hide list" option to drop-down, it works like as editbox.