Table Relationship and Drop-Down List

Discussion created by MattW_1 on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by macwombat

I have an “Import table” and a “Receiving” table. Theirs a relationship between the PO field in Receiving and PO field in Import. That’s the only relationship between tables.

A user enters a PO number in Receiving, then goes to the Part # drop down list to pick the part number. That works fine.. The issue is after the user picks the part # I need the description and PO Quantity to update based on the part # selected from the drop-down. Both these fields are set to lookup in the corresponding fields in the import table.

That’s where my confusion comes in because I’m not sure how to have a relationship that when the Part # is selected, the Quantity and Description update. Right now they update on the PO # and then when a user selects a part # they stay stuck on the PO # and not the part # selected after that.