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    option-click open of Filemaker not working on a Mac-Pro 2013


      Product and version


      Filemaker 14, all versions

      OS and version

      OS X El Capitan

      Browser and version (for WebDirect only)


      MAC Pro 2013 16GB memory,  1TB SSD


      When opening a file using Finder by doing an Option-Click, a prompt should appear for using a specific UserId and Password.  When doing this on a Mac Pro 2013 (darth vader garbage can edition), no prompt appears. If opening on a Mac Pro Notebook, the prompt for the userid and password appears as expected. I have only tested this on OSX El Capitan.


      How to replicate

      See the notes above

      Workaround (if any)


      Open the fmp12 file on a Mac Pro Notebook then prompt appears as expected.