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What is the best way to use FileMaker in order to create a database?

Question asked by ElmondG on Mar 21, 2016
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To Whom It May Concern:

I am seeking general help regarding FileMaker.  I am looking for an alternative database creation software and considering FileMaker Pro personally for file organization and professionally for the development of a future knowledge database to serve as a resource for the completion of various questionnaires and legal documents.  What product or products would best serve these needs?  With respect to task completion, would the "Research Notes" Starter Solution be a viable option for the development of a knowledge database?  As a scenario, there would be five columns of information: unique ID, Question number, Question/Request, Response and Additional information.  Also, there would be multiple categories to address (i.e. Access Control, Privacy, Risk Management, Disaster Recovery, Software Security) in multiple locations (i.e. Chicago, New York, Portland, Atlanta and Charlotte, NC).  I look forward to the beginning of this conversation. 



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