∆/Change/Difference/% - how to on FM

Discussion created by happyez on Mar 21, 2016
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Hi everyone


A bit of a pickle to be worked out (I've asked my science partner/searched on Google/FM Community) and to no avail so far.


I am not a mathematician (IANAM), so be a bit easy on me.


I have two numbers, and I want to find the % difference between them. Easy. x÷y.

This is so I can show how has the biggest increase, sort it by the percentage (highest is 150%!)

But what if one is 0? 0 => 2 would, in my mind, = 200%. But no, not possible because you are dealing with 0s

So my partner came up with using ∆. You dont worry about what the number is, you just want to know the difference between x and y.


If this is the best way to do it, then my next problem is finding a way to do it in a calculation.

Just putting ∆ field1 / ∆ fieldd or ∆ = field1 / field2 doesnt seem to work.

There must be a calculation that is worded in the Number calculations, but I cant seem to find it..


Anyone have thoughts on this?