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WebDirect - How does it work ?

Question asked by Stigge on Mar 21, 2016
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We are about to start using webdirect. But am having problem to understand how it works. We have today 3 databases.


  1. "Data" - Stores all the informaiton
  2. "Calculation" - Does all calculations etc before archiving in DB 1.
  3. "Web" - Whant to use this one as a webpage for sharing the information in DB 1 and some other stuff like a news feed etc.


I did a test to send the 3 databases to our FM14 server, and it made all 3 accesseble from the Webdirect.. dont like that. :/

only want users to be able to access the Web (db3) database and its layouts.

So my guess is that am seeing this at a wrong set of eyes. I have googled a bit but seem not to be able to find any good answers at all.


We are also having some other issues, like my IE11 cant open the WebDirect location, "to old web browser, please use a supported browser" =( but that i can solve by using another.


Anyone have a moment to share some light on this subject to me ? =)