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Open URL not working

Question asked by ScottKeck on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by philmcgeehan

I have a database that includes the IP address of video conferencing systems. I thought I had the field with the IP address correctly set up as a button, to perform          Open URL [No dialog; Inventory::IP Address]      so users can click on the field and open an Internet Explorer window (or default browser) that will take them to admin login page for that system.  However, once set up, clicking the field doesn't seem to do anything.  No error, just nothing happens. I'm running FM as a client under Win7, and the file is hosted on a FileMaker Server.  I tried Send Event, which WILL successfully open a new IE window. But then I can't get it to perform Open URL or send the IP address into IE.


Any ideas? This forum has always been super-helpful and I've gotten a ton of help here, and I always appreciate getting enlightened by the FileMaker Senseis and Gurus here! :-) Thanks!