Print Setup[Restore] in Filemaker Go

Discussion created by richmalm on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by richmalm

Product and version: FileMaker Pro 14.0.5

OS and version: OSX 10.11.3

Hardware: Mac Book Pro

Product and version: FileMaker Go 14

OS and version: iOS 9.2.1

Hardware: iPad

Description: If you use Print Setup[Restore] in a script before Go to Related Record it works fine in FileMaker Pro but if you run the same script in Filemaker Go it always go to first record. It seems like Print Setup[Restore] have the same behaviour as cCommit Record in FileMaker Go. The behaviour should be the same in Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Go.

How to replicate: -

Workaround: Always use Print Setup[Restore] after you go to a related record.