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Changing from tableview to formsview with one click?

Question asked by ChristianNissen on Mar 22, 2016
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Trying to find a way to change from tableview of a datatable with several rows, to the formsview of the row in the table view that I click on. There is "sorts of a button" by default in the tableview at the left edge of the tableview, it would be great to use that to do a script?



Still I would like the user to be able to click on a field of a row in the tableview, to change or fill that if he/she prefers that. Only by clicking on the "button" mentioned above, would I like to have the change to the formsview, of course with the data of the row I clicked on presented in the form for further work on.


I am trying to learn from the documentation, but it is not very good. Like Islands of knowledge, with vast seas of lackning knowledge in between.

I have found functions reference manual, script reference manual and the FM users guide, its by far not enough....


Even the examples are thin, like how to use use a variable in a specific function in a script and when its only possible to use a value of a field

of the current row in a table instead?


I have been working with RDB´s for decades, never seen a mature product, with so thin documentation and relying so hard on its userbase for support?


Lucky us there is an avid user community here




Christian Nissen