Sort records - field of a filtered portal

Discussion created by MrBond on Mar 21, 2016
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i have the following three tables: tableA -< tableB -> tableC

tableB has the line items.

Let's say tableA contains the fields ID_A, TEXT_A and OPTION_A

tableB contains as ID_A, ID_B (which is the primary key), ID_C and OPTION_B

tableC contains ID_C and TEXT_C


I have a list view layout based on tableA with the field TEXT_A. In this layout I have also a filtered (OPTION_B filtered) portal with the field ID_C of tableB in it. This portal shows (per line) only one specific record of tableB. Now I want to sort all the records with this field (ID_C) from tableB which is in the filtered portal. But when I sort this field in this layout it doesn't sort the records from the filtered portal. It sorts the records based on the field ID_C, but with the first record of ID_C (based on ID_B).


Any idea?