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Question asked by davehob on Mar 22, 2016
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I have a Sessions table, with Resource Bookings, and Resources, i.e a Session can have many Resource Bookings (SSN > RBK > RSC).


From the context of Sessions, I'm generating a PDF (a diary sheet), listing the day's Sessions, along with the Resources booked for each Session.  So I have a text field in the Sessions table SSN::resourceBooked.  This is updated whenever a Resource Booking is added or removed, via a Set Field - it just does a List(SSN_RBK_RSC::name).  It works fine.


What I now need, though, is an additional piece of information, the 'room setup' that has been ordered for each Resource Booking ('Theatre', 'Cabaret','Cleared', etc.).  This is held in the Resource Bookings table.  So basically I just need a list of Resources booked, with the selected setup next to each Resource name.


One option would be to add a concatenated text field in Resource Bookings (e.g. 'RBK_RSC::name & "-" RBK::setup), then using that for the list in SSN, but it all seems a bit clunky, and I'd be very grateful if you have a more elegant way of doing this.