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iGeek's calendar "more..." button

Question asked by mcemond on Mar 22, 2016

I downloaded their calendar here igeek blog: FileMaker 13 One Month Calendar and have found an issue that I have not had any luck with. If you down load the demo and go to 12/6/2013 you will see some demo events. If you click on the "2 more..." a window opens with the found set of the two additional records. Everything is good... until... (and this is still on an unmodified in any way download of the developer's file) I try to add events to this calendar. Try adding 5 events to 12/7/2013 through the layout Dev : Events by simply adding the dates and note and title. Refresh the calendar by clicking on another event and closing the popup window. You will see the new events have appeared. Clicking on the "1 more..." that appears on these new events no longer does anything for these new events. Still works on the originals though. The same result can be had by entering new dates through the One Event View layout. (You'll have to open up the toolbar for both layouts to reveal the new record button)


Its dealing with the script "Calendar : Process Event Button" specifically around the line Set Variable [$SelectedDate; Value:Interface::gDateOfFirstPortal + Substitute ( $HiddenTitle ; "gDateCell" ; "" ) -1 

where it appears to be taking (at least for these newly added events) the first date appearing in the calendar (for december 2013 that's Nov 25) and adding the HiddenTitle (which would be the number appearing beside the "more...") then subtracting 1. So you'd get the events for 25 + 1 - 1 = 25 .... and if there aren't any events on the 25th, it simply doesn't open up a popup. So the substitute basically isn't substituting for these new events and its using the original value that displays the quantity of "more" events. After 2 full days on this I wonder if anyone can spot what the difference is between the original demo events and those that are newly added through the two available layouts?


I'm using FM Pro 13 Advanced, no server. Run off a regular iMac.

My brain hurts. Maybe someone can easily spot the reason for the difference in behavior as my eyes have dried up and I can no longer blink.