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    FileMaker 6 help please!


      Hi, so I'm currently using FileMaker 6. Yes I know it's an old system, but the non profit I work for only has the license for this version for now. I have a question regarding a field with check boxes. I would like to add level 2 boxes. Like for eg:


      • Read a book in the last 6 months
        • book by male author
        • book by female author


      Is there any way to do this? Can someone help me please? Thank you!

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          A few more details would be nice. Typically a field contains a discrete piece of data so you are asking a field to track 2 pieces of data. Can you have 'Read a book in the last 3 months' with the same criteria? or 'Read a children's book in the last x months' again with the same criteria? If so then I think the easiest may be to add a field to store your male/female data bit. Could be set up as a checkbox as well if that makes it easier for you/your users to make it work.