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fmsadmin commands:  the BACKUP and relevant parameters

Question asked by hugall1998 on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by wimdecorte

Hi all,

I've had problems with the webconsole in Filemaker server 14 (v. win) and have asked for help for that in another thread. The problem is that the webconsole will not load and as a consequence, I'm not able to setup backup schedules. A big issue as my databases are in constant international use and need frequent safety backups.


However, there is the command line feature that comes with the FM server.  There are numerous references and examples both from the Filemaker knowledge base and in several posts in this forum, but I have not found any good example for setting up a backup schedule.


The command    fmsadmin backup myfile.fmp12  creates a backup file in the official backup folder in the filemaker server folders. But if I want to repeat the backup, say 4 times a day for a cycle of 30 days, what parameters would I need to add?


I have pondered another way, that is to create a script (for the command prompt) that has this simple command    fmsadmin backup myfile.fmp12  and let that script run at certain intervals.

So here are my questions:

a) Has anyone used the command line feature to backup files on the server, with parameters for x times/day for a cycle of y days? 

b) would an external script run at intervals be a better option (and how would that script look and how would I run it)?


many thanks to you all