Mac Mini beefy enough?

Discussion created by markpelleymounter on Mar 22, 2016
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Good morning all and I am hoping you could give your opinion advice on the following.


We currently run FMS12 on a HP Server which is getting long in the tooth and we are currently looking to update and at the same time move over to FileMaker Server 14 and FileMaker Pro 14 for the users.


Our current databases are accessed purely on the internal network (ie no instant web and no plans for webdirect going forward.


We have a max of 30 users connecting at any one time, and the databases are on teh data seperation model with a 6gb data file and a much smaller front-end file. There are also a couple of other stand alone database files.  All containers for stored pdf's are references only with the actualy pdf's stored on a network drive.  We have 4 daily backups that run whilst users are connected and then a further overnight backup which is then pulled accross onto a Drobo drive at night.


We have looked at a new Windows server system and are now looking at the possibility of a (much cheaper) mac mini.


Given the above, would a mac mini (maxed out) be beefy enough to run our FileMaker solution - bear in mind this is business critical and is a CRM system with notes being added constantly (currently 1.6 million notes records and growing by around 1200 records per day) as well as new clients records, stock(inventory) deals etc.


I fully appreciate that different solutions will give different results on the same hardware given the vast variations in databse designs and optimisations, but would really apprecaite the groups thoughts, opinions and suggetions.


Many thanks