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Filemaker Custom Page Break by Record or Sub Summary Header

Question asked by RSambrato on Mar 23, 2016
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I've got two files that are tabled together. File 1 provides a header list, that is then linked into file 2 that contains multiple records under each header.


Imagine about 300 records split in various amounts amongst 30-40 headers or so.


The main layout is a sub summary. What I am trying to do is develop a way that I can define page breaks by either specific record number or specific header numbers.


I've Tried: File 1 adding a field called Page Break with a check box and then putting a second sub-summary header in File 2's layout that has Page Break at Each Occurance checked.  This did not work.


I also tried moving the second sub summary to under the body part hoping that would help it split. I can't seem to make it work no matter what I do.


Does anyone have a scripty solution?  Basically I'd like to develop a checkbox system either on each record that can be worked to define a custom page break.


I've never understood why there isn't a conditional format available in Sub-Summary for Page Breaks or some other If/Then system to help define page breaks.


Happy to try all suggestions.