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    integrating filemaker pro file in a web site


      How do you integrate a filemaker pro 14 file with an existing web site, so that the site gets data and images out of the fm file and uses them in its layouts?


      The fm file would be regularly updated with different data and images.


      Thank you for your help

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          Please give more detail about what's expected for each environment: FM, and "The web site". How do they work together? Is FileMaker just a database that feeds images to the Web site or do you expect FileMaker to be used also while simultaneously feeding images to the site?

          Is the Web site on Windows, Mac, or Linux?


          What technology is the Web site using?  HTML only, PHP, .NET, Java, ....????


          Do you have any design documentation showing interaction and listing requirements?


          I would imagine this is a complicated integration depending on what you are expecting.


          >>> If you have a programming-enabled web site (that is not static HTML), then you could access FileMaker data rather easily. <<<


          - m

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            Usually, this is done using FileMaker Server where you can use WebDirect or Custom Web Publishing to publish your database to the web or integrate with the existing website.


            If you don't have FM server and it is beyond your budget, you will have to synchronise your FMP and the web databases. You can write your own procedures or use ready-made solutions like MirrorSync.

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              You've gotten 2 answers already. I will just add there are so many ways to get FMP data on the web. answer any questions already asked for clarification. then you'll get more detail!


              low end way: export content from FMP and use various methods to FTP text and images

              midway: use syncing with another db (though images still need a push)

              high end way (not always the best): FMS is the web server


              (and everything in those ranges, including a combination of methods)

              tag your turn.


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                Thank you for the replies and sorry for the delay in answering.


                I have no knowledge of web design, I have a fairly complex database in filemaker pro and server 14 that I would like to be able to provide data and images to a web site, either directly or though a 'middleman' db.

                I use FMP 14 and server 14.

                As a FMS based web site I would need to get many connections which might make it too expensive.


                The web server would probably be a Mac and the site is yet to be designed or if possible modified to allow for this.

                What is a programming enabled web site?


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                  Then you may wish to push data (and images) through "syncing" to the database and web site used.


                  Make your decision based on what you need to do on the web site, how many users, what is out there 'canned-and-ready-to-use', your own capabilities.



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                    Not much to add to the previous answers.


                    There is nothing out of the box which will work with FileMaker Server which is as easy to use as FileMaker Server. If you want to save money on licences you will need either learn the web development yourself or hire a web developer ( or another FileMaker developer who can do web) to help you with the project.


                    PHP is the most common technology to integrate with, but there are projects on integration with python and node.js. I am sure there are others as well. You also might consider MYSQL ESS as it woks with anything web .

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                      Agree with Nicolai.


                      PHP is very easy to learn. It integrates with just about everything. It's free. There are a bizillion tutorials/videos/books, you name it to help you learn it.


                      Check out the "Learn PHP in 15 minutes" YouTube video. No, you really can't learn PHP in 15 minutes, but that video will actually get you started with it. PHP is much easier than many other languages and it enjoys huge popularity.


                      PHP and MySQL seem to go hand in hand in many books.


                      Dive in and have some fun! 


                      - m