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FileMaker Server 14 on Mac - SSL troubleshooting

Question asked by ericwlacroix on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by ericwlacroix

Hello -


I've obtained a certificate from a CA and imported it from Terminal as outlined in this article:


Creating a new custom SSL certificate for FileMaker Server | FileMaker


The new serverCustom.pem file is now in place, as expected. However, restarting the FileMaker server process does not result in getting a secured connection when I try to upload a database, which seems to be the only visible indication that SSL is working or not.


How can I tell if SSL is really working for client->server interaction? and if it isn't, where do I even begin to troubleshoot?


Also, I was thinking of trying to use the web admin GUI to import the certificate but that asks me for two files (a private key and the certificate), and also a password for the private key, and I don't have those pieces of information. In the process outlined at the URL above, I was not ever asked to select a password, nor did my CA request that I create a private key password.