Attachment missing when sending emails with El Capitan

Discussion created by carlocas on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by dysartj

Product and version (Filemaker Pro 14.X

OS and version 10.11.X

Browser and version N/A

Hardware MacBook Pro


The attachment missing from an email when sending emails with El Capitan with "no dialog" selected.


How to replicate

Use send mail script step without dialog, with a PDF file attachment for example

The email is sent but the PDF file is stripped from the email.


Sadly none involving filemaker (short of having to unselect the "no dialog" option)

Maybe with an applescript or a plugin


This is a know issue I know as it is clearly stated in a tech note.... BUT... this bug has been well known for a while now... with no fix in sight... WHY ? Is no-one interested in reliably sending emails with filemaker ?