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    Exporting data from FMP-9


      I am running FMP-9 on an iMAC.  I have several tables in my database.  I would like to export the data from one table into an excel file.  I have tried to follow the directions in "The Missing Manual - FileMaker Pro 9", but I cannot make it work.  The process seems to run forever.  The table has 5 columns and approximately 2,000 lines.


      When I import into this table from an excel file, the process takes less than 10 seconds.


      Even though I have been using FMP for over 5 years, I am still a beginner. 


      Your suggestions and assistance is greatly appreciated.



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          go to a layout based on the table you want to export.

          make a found set of records to export.

          In the file menu choose export records.

          set the output file name, type and location.

          Click save.

          In the Specify fields dialog choose the current table not the current layout.

          Move the fields you want to export into the right side dialog box called field export order.

          Click export.

          Open the file to see the results.

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            Thank you for your suggestion. 


            Unfortunately, I ran into the same problem as before, the system "hangs up" (the spinning color wheel").  I tried twice with the same results.  I even created a smaller set of data (45 lines).  The error message states that FMP is "unresponsive".  Maybe my iMAC (version 10.9.5) is no longer compatible with FMP-9.


            Thank you ...

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              One additional tip that has helped, from a visualization perspective, is to create a simple layout that has the fields I want to export in the order I want to export.  A simple list-view.  Creating my FoundSet in this way I know I will have an export of what I want. 

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                if the method i suggested produces a hang up then an OS level problem OR file corruption is a likely suspect

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                  Thank you for your suggestion! 


                  Maybe part of my problem is not understanding the term "FoundSet".  The sample table I am trying to export into an excel file has 49 lines and 7 columns (not a lot of data).  I have followed the directions from the first post with no success.  My computer just "runs" (spinning wheel of color) and locks up FMP.  The only way out is to shut down my computer.  The last time I imported data (from excel to FMP) , it was over 2,500 lines and it took less than 10 seconds.  I can only think I am missing a step somewhere.


                  Thank you ...

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                    Your "Found Set" is the set of records you want to work with or view, or in your case to export. 


                    If it is ALL records, then that works. 

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                      FMP 9 still runs on a recent version of OSX?


                      I would expect that the BBOD is an incompatibility with the OS.


                      Download the trial for FMP 14, convert the file and export from the new version.