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Quickest way to export/dump data?

Question asked by ptiseo on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by ptiseo

We have an FM database that is multiple files of data, some are multiple GBs in size.


Is there a way to bulk export data programatically from FM without specifying fields? The built-in methods (Export Records or Save Record As) seems to want fields explicitly specified at some level, and so if we change fields, this also has to be changed manually which could be error-prone. So, we then created a SQL-based script to export, but discovered it will be too slow for exporting all data in a timely manner.


By comparison, postgres has a COPY sql command that export a whole table to CSV. (ex: COPY country FROM '/usr1/proj/bray/sql/country_data';) that is very quick. Also, there's pg_dump at the CLI that is even quicker (minutes for GBs) MySQL has mysqldbexport that can be run at the CLI, or mysqldump.


Any like for FM? Maybe through a plugin?