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Sending and Receiving Faxes from and into Filemaker / FM Server

Question asked by deninger on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by deninger

I am interested in improving a health-care related application I manage to make provider communication more seamless even paperless. Because healthcare must be HIPAA compliant, faxes are still a mainstay.


I have considered using one of the many electronic fax services. Sending faxes for the services I have looked at leverages e-mail. Easy to implement in FM but not HIPAA compliant. Receiving faxes into FM is also a stretch.


If I can send and receive right from FM or FM Server (better), I would really also like to be able "scan" the received fax document within FM or FM Server for a barcode for automatic processing. This would mean that the fax would have to be in a format that a barcode reading plugin (like CMC Barcode) can read.


Do any of the wise FM gurus here have experience and suggestions that might be useful to me?