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Please help !!! Add a field into the body of layout, the script doesn't work.

Question asked by RichardVu on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by RichardVu

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Here script :

Set Variable [$A; Value: Get(ActiveFieldContents)]

if [$A = " Must" or " PUP"]

Insert Calculated Result [Select;TextStyleAdd(TextColor($A;RGB(50;150;0));Bold)]

Elseif [$A = " Wait" ]

Insert Calculated Result [Select;TextStyleAdd(TextColor($A;RGB(200;50;0));Bold)]

Elseif [$A = " UNPUP" ]

Insert Calculated Result [Select;TextStyleAdd(TextColor($A;RGB(225;180;0));Bold)]

it works perfectly.


Now, I add one more Field into the layout. It doesn't work.

it will work if I do manual select  the text-field and choose color ( any color) it will pick the right color which is assigned in the script.

So I think when I add the field into layout, It doesn't go to Textcolor on script until I select color. Adding one field could break some points in the script or layout. I have no idea for that.

Thanks for help