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Tab Control Theming - Is this possible?

Question asked by m.swanston on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by m.swanston


As part of our company re-brand, I'm updating our only FileMaker tool to use the new branding colours. I have been given some suggestions, and have managed to implement most of it with the exception of the tab control theming. This is what I have been asked to implement:


When selecting the tab control, I can choose to add a line, but that appears around the entire tab control, and none of the options to specify which edges have the line can be selected:


And what I end up with is a border around the entire tab control, like this:


Is it possible to specify that only the top of each tab takes a border? The options in the Inspector would appear to show that it's possible but I am unable to select any of the border styles in the middle of the Line section.

Thanks in advance