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Parameters in standard script commenting

Question asked by User26869 on Mar 23, 2016
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I used to comment my script using an introduction line and then commenting each block of code in the script. It works relatively well as we are only two working on the solutions at the moment.

However, I might need to work with more people in the future so I decided to start using the standard way of commenting script which can be found here:



# ===================================================================

# Purpose: Describe the purpose of the script [short version]

# Parameters: one ; two ; three

# ---------------------------

# $one = (enum) load, unload

# $two = (string) second parameter

# $three = (num) expected

# ---------------------------

# Called From: (script) any

# Author: Matt Petrowsky

# Notes: Additional information [long version]

# Revision: Last change: 10/10/10 by MP :: A single comment step with multiple lines

# ===================================================================



My problem is that I don't really understand what "Parameters" are. Are they script parameters or all the variables used in the script?

And also, what does "called from: (script) any" means? Does it mean that it is not called by any script, like a script fired only from a button?


Thank you!