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Discussion created by Ben_B94 on Mar 23, 2016
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Hi all,


Just trying to gather some info to make a solution available through a browser. My goal is to have links to the FM files on our intranet so you can edit/view/etc data if you have the clearance. I've looked at various documentation but have a few specific questions.


Is Web Direct and Instant Web Publishing the same thing? And if not does that mean you can use Web Direct with just FMS and not need FMS Advanced?


Also I see in the Web Direct Documentation the availability to have a custom home page at, c:\Program Files\ Filemaker\ Filemaker Server\HTTPServer\conf  , could I be sneaky and put multiple HTML pages in here? ie the intranet pages?


I also see I can link directly from an HTML page. I could just link to the homepage but once i'm at that homepage am I already 'in' the Filemaker files? Should authentication happen on this homepage or before you get to the homepage?


Thanks for your thoughts,