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Sub-summary reports showing only 1 related record

Question asked by tkemmere on Mar 23, 2016
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Dear reader,


I'm still new to FileMaker and have now arrived at the point I wish to output data. It's the first time I work with sub-summary reports. I've been at it for over 5 hours now, and I'm getting closer and closer, but I can't get a certain last bit to work.


I work for a company and their confidential business, so I alter the content-matter a bit.


I wish to create a report for a single client, that manages various buildings, and for each building, various parkingplaces. (There's a Client table, a Building table and a Parkingplaces table, with both relations being one-to-many). The report is supposed to show f.e. the 6 buildings of client A, and then under each building the information of the f.e. 10 parkingplaces.

  • I created a new layout based of off the Buildings table. (I made the Form view and List view available)
  • In the Body part I put related Parkingplace information. (White background)
  • I added a "sub summary part when sorted by", sorted by Building. Above. (Yellowish)
  • In there I put Building information.
  • I added a "sub summary part when sorted by", sorted by Building. Below. (Light grey)
  • In there I put a summary field that counts the Parkingplaces.
  • In the header I put the Client field.

Sofar so good.

  • I go to Browse mode, List view.
  • I hit Find, and type the ID of Client A in the header.
  • It finds that particular client. Good.
  • I hit Sort, and sort by Building.

But now it doesn't do what I'd hoped it would do: It shows the 6 Buildings. But for every Building it only shows the first Parkingplace. The summary field that counts the Parkingplaces does show correctly that there should be more than only one Parkingplace. (Also funny, It shows first, in correct order, the three Buildings that have do a numder of Parkingplaces, and then below that, in an odd order, the remaining Buildings that I haven't added any demo Parkingplaces to). This is obviously not what I want.

I've been fidling with List view versus Form view, Browse, and Preview, I've watched several video's on the subject, read Howto's, I tried basing the Layout of off the Client Table, but I haven't found it yet. I'm hoping you might see some silly thing I overlook...


Should all data be in one table? I can't imagine that. The demo video's do have that, but I'd be surprised if that would be a condition.


Thank you kindly for your advise,

Regards, Thomas.


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