User chosen file path in script

Discussion created by manager12 on Mar 23, 2016
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I have a database that I often set up for different clients on their computers. The database has several reports that it automatically saves as PDF's to a folder on the users computer and then it attaches the file to an email and sends it. I want to optimize the set up process of the database so I don't have to physically go to each clients computer and change the file paths in the script manually.


I'd like to have a set up screen that pops up the first time the client opens the database that asks them to choose a location where these reports will be saved. I know you can use variables in file paths which i have done to automate the naming process of the files. Is there a way to let the user navigate to the folder they want to save to and store that file path in a variable so that it can be used in the file path after initial set up? It would need to be something the user could click thorough as most of my clients are not able to accurately write out a file path.