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Discussion created by Ben_B94 on Mar 24, 2016
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Hi all,


Are there any events that would cause FileMaker Server to reset its password to the Admin Console by itself?


I am convinced that it is somehow resetting itself. I changed it not that long ago I wrote it down!, wrote down the reset pin also and accessed it last week fine. I've tried the password I think it is, the previous password etc but it keeps saying incorrect.


I have only used 2 passwords it total for the admin console and neither work with and without capitals etc. I know there is a possibility I entered it wrong originally but I accessed it at the end of last week fine. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me which has caused me to reset the server so I could change the password(the first time I never wrote down the pin to change it via cmd prompt)


Also I can't get the reset pin to work, I may be entering the command wrong fmsadmin/-z/<mypin>/resetpw where / is a space. It keeps saying cannot find the file specified, is this just the message for incorrect pin or wrong command entered? Or can it actually not see the file. I can still open the console via ip in browser and can open solutions hosted on FMS in FMPro so the server hasn't stopped.


Just don't want to have to set up a load of schedules again.