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    Dynamic List


      Hi Everyone,


      After watching and reading some posts about this, I need to relate it to my scenario and hopefully someone could assist.  I have three tables: Projects, Timeslip and Employees tables.  I have One to Many relationship between Project and TimeSlip and a One to Many between the Timeslip and Employee.  While standing on the TimeSlip layout, I want the ability to select the project name from a list (Using the Project Name Field) and have it dynamically fill in the Project Location field on the layout.   This seems trivial to do in FileMaker, but for some reason--I apparently not understanding how this is done.   Thoughts. 

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          If you "sit on the timeslip layout", when you create a new timeslip you will have to choose an employee and a project.


          If you sit on the employee or on the project layouts and create a new timeslip, you will already know one of the two.


          Normally I would start from the employee layout, hit a "new timeslip" button, be asked to pick the project from a popover holding a list of all projects in a cartesian portal and go on entering the timeslip data. TBH, a timeslip layout might not even be needed (except for reporting).

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            In this case, we would still need a dynamic list. When I select the project name, I want it to show the Name and Location

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              once you have established what the projectID is you can display ANY field from the project table in the timesleep.


              In the project selection portal you can put ANY number of fields from the Project table, not only the name, and have a transparent button over all the fields to do the selection.