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Create a report based on search and print

Question asked by on Mar 23, 2016
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I'm new to the Filemaker world, so it's possible that my question is really basic. Couple of days searching and i can't find a solution that fits what i want to achieve. Here we go:


I've got a table with 90-120 fields, the main one. Then, i've got like 5-6 related tables, with 20-30 fields each one. The main table is called "Patients", with a lot of personal information. The related tables consists in data like "Visits", "Medicines", "Tests". In the layout "Patient Details"i can see all my fields, plus the related tables ones trough portals. Here, no problem at all.


Now, i need to generate reports. But not a static one. Everyday, my client needs to print different reports showing different fields and search different records. One repot example: 


*All patients from Toronto, taking Prozac, older than 45 years. ----> Show in report: "Name, Last Name, Adress, Doctor, Mail" --> Print


And here i get crazy. They asked to be able to do any kind of search with all variables they want, and then show any fields they need. So i can't set up bazillions of report layouts to get all the outputs they gonna search for.


Is that even possible?


Plus, i've got one handicap: the employees using this DB are not allowed to edit the db, so i've hide the toolbar for their user group. So, they can't generate layouts by their own. Is there any script that let me put a button inside the main layout to generate a "New report layout"?


Hope i've explained well my issue, my english is not the best


Thanks in advance!