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Importing within same file on Server

Question asked by marksnyder on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by user19752

Can someone please explain if a scheduled script on FileMaker Server v13 can run if it has an import step where the the source and destination tables are both in the same FM database.


I've read the FileMaker help document and found it to be counterintuitive to say the least.


I'm aware you can export to a CSV file from one table and then import that CSV file into another table. My understanding is that workaround is no longer required in FM Server 13 if the import is between tables in the same FM database.


Many discussions about this seem to focus on the file path name. Normally when setting up an import script step you get the file path via the Specify File dialog.


1. Click "Add File..."


2. Click "Remote"


3. In the Open Remote dialog select the Host and the File


4. This sets the file in the import script to file:NameOfFileSelected


This file path fails when run as a scheduled script on the server. Do I need a different file path name?